epub | 303.88 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09X4WN9WG | Author: Sofia Aves | Year: 2022


He'll bet on his heart one last time.
Caleb 'Hearts' Anderson isn't the usual unit medic. The ex-body builder can hack into the world of organised crime with one hand and save lives with the other. Battling internal politics while he works his assignment, Caleb finds his happy place looking after the deadly men he works alongside. Z Unit is his home, and the self-confirmed bachelor has no intention of being distracted from the missions-and the team-who keep him sane.
Until stripper and ex-head dancer Cheri Bettison steps into his neatly ordered life.
Displaced and homeless after she was extracted from seedy casino Trilogy's strip club, Cheri lands in the middle of Z Unit's suburban, barracks-like household. Paired with Caleb as her minder until she finds her feet, Cheri surprises the giant military man with skills acquired from her previous life.
Together, they work through Caleb's mission. Cheri's proximity makes his head spin, but when an old nemesis compromises Z Unit's security, Caleb has to trust the pink-haired dancer and risk everything he's built to protect those he loves.

Category:War Fiction, War Fiction, Military Romance