epub | 431.99 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7FHH8BX | Author: Susan Trombley | Year: 2022



I accidentally launched an escape pod on my miserable honeymoon-with me on it-and crash-landed in the middle of an alien jungle on a forbidden "emerging civilization" planet, breaking about a hundred Cosmic Syndicate laws.

Oh, and I robbed a hot lizard guy with sexy black eyes, the most colorful scales I've ever seen, and a powerful prehensile tail that curls up like a cinnamon roll.

Even though I can't understand anything he's saying, my new reptilian friend turns out to be as sweet as honey and spicier than the seasoning he used on the meat I stole from his camp, and after he risks his own life to save mine, he decides he wants to keep me.

I'm perfectly okay with that, but I have a feeling my philandering husband will object.

Author's Note:
This sweet story takes place in the Iriduan Test Subjects universe, but doesn't feature any of the characters from that series. It is also a shorter (70K words), lighter read than the books in that series. You don't need to have read that series to follow along with this story. See my website for content warnings.

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