epub | 1.24 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B5YPD3SF | Author: Barbara Nolan | Year: 2022


As they search for affection~~
Their tumultuous passion~~
Sends two desperate souls on the road to disaster~~
Growing up in poverty and neglect, Joker only hopes to make it to the next day. Abandoned by his mother, and left with Ace, his abusive father, survival challenges him daily.
When Joker patches in to the Raiders MC he vows to make the club his family.
His only commitment.
Until Desiree.
Joker's world flips sideways when Desiree, a runaway waif stumbles into the clubhouse looking for refuge. Bruised and beaten, clothes way too big for her frail, fragile body, yet she lights up Joker's dark road letting him see a future he didn't know exists.
First love is intoxicating and Joker falls hard. He tries to shield Desiree from the violent side of MC life, but when an old grudge surfaces, she becomes a pawn in a dangerous game of greed, and power.
Time is running out~~Or is it already too late.
Past Redemption is a prequel to Beyond Redemption. So many of you asked for a more in-depth account of Joker's early life, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 
I will warn you, there are triggers of abuse and violence, but there is a definite HFN, plus two complete chapters of Beyond Redemption as a bonus.

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