epub | 305.94 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7YV44V2 | Author: Cee Bowerman | Year: 2022


Tyler isn't sure of anything in his life except for how much he wants to belong, whether it's to the group of bikers who've asked him to join their club as a prospect or to the little girls who need him as the steady parent in their life. 
When a lie is told that could jeopardize the family he's working so hard to create and protect, Tyler feels like he has no other choice but to follow through with it. Luckily, August vows to stand beside him through it all.
August has had a tumultuous few months, moving to Tenillo and then meeting the father she'd long thought dead. After joining Tyler's club family along with her aunt, she feels like she finally found a place to belong surrounded by the men and women of the Time Served MC. Now, everything is changing at an even faster pace, but she's more than happy to hold on for the wild ride.
Lies are horrible - they can destroy a person's life. But for Tyler and August, a lie told in the heat of the moment is the best thing that's ever happened to either of them. That lie is going to change everything, even their names.

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