epub | 375.13 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7QGTNMX | Author: Kristine Allen | Year: 2022


This is book 7 in the RBMC Ankeny, IA series!

Meet Sabre, newly patched member of the Ankeny, IA chapter. He went by Roscoe, but that's definitely not his actual name. The secrets he's hiding are going to blow you away!    Sabre    : 
People think they know what punishment is, but they have no idea. I'd lived enough lifetimes of misery that I'm an expert.
Soleil was my soulmate, but I was a Watcher and it was prohibited for us to be together.
After we were caught, she was ripped away, leaving me begging for death. Dropped into the middle of the Civil War, I thought my wish had been granted. Little did I know, my punishment was my anguish on Earth and it would never end.
For years, I was a lost soul, wandering-until I found the Ankeny RBMC. With them, something within my empty chest settled and I dared put down roots.
When she showed up on our doorstep, I was stunned. Except she had no memory of me or that it was my fault her brother died.
Now, a sinister evil is toying with us, threatening to separate us. permanently.
It's not happening on my watch. I failed once before, and we lost heaven to have each other. But nothing in hell would keep us apart.
They call me Sabre, but this is my real story.

Category:Mashup Fiction, Paranormal Angel Romance, Vampire Romances