epub | 472.43 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8BG4VRZ | Author: Sophie Winters | Year: 2022


My first love. My worst enemy.     My husband    .   

Aiden O'Reilly is a monster in a tailored suit. A beautiful villain who ruthlessly crushes his enemies. And my father made the mistake of crossing him. 

Now I'm being forced into an arranged marriage with the man who once stole my heart and broke it. 

But even though I have to wear his ring and share his bed, I vow not to let myself fall for him again. 

It doesn't matter that his touch inflames a dark desire inside me that craves only him. 

It doesn't matter that memories of the past keep infecting our present. 

It doesn't matter that he looks at me as if no other woman exists for him. 

Because only a fool would fall in love with the devil twice.   

Savage Prince is book one in the Corrupt Kingdom series. It's a first love, second chance standalone mafia romance with dark themes and high steam. Although it's part of an interconnected series, this book ends in a HEA.

Category:Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Romance