epub | 320.76 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B3WP65T6 | Author: Ava Hunter | Year: 2022


Gibson might be a tiger, but Tara is fierce in her own right. Will Gerri Wilder's latest match be able to purr, or will a crooked СЕО (Поисковая оптимизация SEO ruin everything?
Gibson Harrow is a tiger shifter and founder of Sound Solutions, where his passion is working to progress research to assist the hearing impaired in honor of his father.     With no real time for dating, he's about to see what happens when Gerri sets her sights on him.
Tara Bennett is a wizard and well-connected hotel concierge. There's not a reservations she can't make at any of the most popular restaurants.     When one of her guests ends up being a famous matchmaker, Tara can hardly believe the offer she makes: take a date with a hot shifter. Um.big? Buff? Growly? Yes!
But just as Tara's starting a relationship with Gibson, she's dealing with the worst guest ever.     Not only is he horrible to the hotel staff, but she's uncovered some illegal activities he's involved in. When he tries to shut her up, it will be up to Gibson to save her.

Category:Paranormal Ghost Romance, Paranormal Angel Romance, Psychic Romance