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L.M. Lacee's second omnibus edition in the popular fantasy-romance Dragon's Gap Saga.
Ash & Olinda's Story 
To lose a whole life and not know why changes Olinda's perspective on who, and what she is. Discovering that myths and legends from the pages of fantasy are true, and you yourself are a myth, defies logic! For Olinda this is no story. - One day she was a grief stricken daughter coping with the loss of her beloved mother. - The next day she is running for her life, and keeps on running for three, long fraught with danger, months. - Until she finds Dragon's Gap, a place of safety and peace.
Ace & Harper's Story 
Once upon a time a Fire Dragon was promised a shadow... It is now time for Ace Battle to go home to Dragon's Gap after months of fighting and finally conquering his war against the darkness of despair and the betrayal of his father. He needs to rejoin his extended family, friends and to bath in their love and calmness of his home. Oh! And there is the little matter of winning his shadow's love. Seriously? What could go wrong! On returning home with only one look Ace knows he has met his shadow, artist Harper Easton. The trouble is Harper comes with baggage, lots and lots of baggage.
Love's Impulse 
Fin Slorah has come home after hundreds of years to discover his family did not all perish in the house fire as he was lead to believe. His niece Ella is alive and bonded to Keeper Kingsley. Youngest brother of the Dragon Lord. Now he is home he has to find his place among his nieces new family and within Dragon's Gap. Which is easier than courting his shadow, wily wolf June Bradly. June is in love. She wants dragon Finlay Slorah desperately. Her wolf pines to be mated to the cautious male but he has rules and conditions. It is enough to make a grown wolf scream or in June's case run away, thankfully a retrieval is needed and she is available and willing. Sadly all does not go well and June once more finds trouble.
   What Amazon readers are saying:
5 stars.....Wonderful stories   Love this whole series. Characters are fun and flawed which let them feel more real.
5 stars.....Great read   I liked the story line and also the way it all came together. Characters in all books went great together
5 stars.....Great series!   This is a great series! Looking forward to next book! Longer, please! Read in unlimited!
5 stars.....Wonderful story telling that makes you want to visit Dragon's Gap!   The wonder of discovery, love of books and adventure all wrapped up in a tale of magic and love found. We have fairy queens and dragon warriors mixed up with damaged hearts and surprising loves. It's entertaining reading at it's best.
5 stars.....Dragon's Gap A Novella:: Love's Impulse   This is another very entertaining read. I love this author, and have read all the books that are out in this series. I understand she is only planning one more story in this series, I am hoping she will change her mind.

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