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Title: Just for Laughs! (2001)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Description: Paris, the days are getting longer, spring is coming, bringing its share of love affairs, its flood of tourists who go around the city by riverboat. In all regions of Europe, the cycling season is starting again, we are interested because Gaspard, one of our characters, is a photographer for the Team. It gives her time to see Alice almost every day, in secret, because Alice lives with Nicolas. Alice is a lawyer, brilliant, sure of herself. Capable of all the audacity in the assizes, in the arms of Gaspard she becomes again the young girl, a little blue flower that she was when she was twenty years old, when she knew Nicolas. Nicolas has not changed, always so talkative, so lively, so funny, even if he has not had a job for a long time. Housewife, why not? He claims it. Until he found out that Alice had a lover. He will then prove to be as unpredictable as he is Machiavellian. There is also Juliette, Michel Romance, the bells of Notre-Dame which ring on the fly, the Seine under the Pont des Arts, doors which open and which close, chases, tears, lies, surprises, twists and turns, unhappy loves, nights of connivance and happy mornings. And all this under the sun, because it is love that is all about and when we love each other, the weather is always nice.
Director: Lucas Belvaux
Writer: Lucas Belvaux
Actors: Ornella Muti, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Antoine Chappey
Rating: 6.5
Runtime: 100 min
Language: French
Country: France
Rate: N/A



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