epub | 183.01 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BXB4Q52P | Author: Jill Boyce | Year: 2023


Dr. Claire Thomson has one thing on her mind-motherhood.

Well, that, and taking care of patients, planning an international gala, and managing all things royal as the newly minted queen of Amorley. She should be joyful. After all, she's conquered grief, an evil stepmother, and self-doubt along her journey to the love of her life, Ethan. Although, not a royal event goes by without something going awry.

Soon, they will welcome the blessing of a new baby into their lives. Everything in Claire's life is perfect. That is, until danger from surprising sources threatens all that she holds dear. Will Claire be able to save those she loves and her country's future, or will evil rob her of everything?

Category:Christian Suspense, Christian Mystery & Suspense