Simulations Plus DDDPlus 5.0

Simulations Plus DDDPlus 5.0 | 210.2 mb

Simulations Plus has released DDDPlus 5.0, is Simulation software for the in vitro dissolution experiment of pharmaceutical dosage forms

Today, dissolution studies are the most frequently used tools in the development, characterization, and utilization process of pharmaceutical dosage forms, both immediate and controlled-release. As a formulation or CMC scientist, you're often tasked with designing a product which achieves a target in vitro dissolution rate that will, hopefully, lead to desired in vivo exposure levels. Or, the lifecycle management team wants to assess the possibility of creating a once-a-day formulation which is bioequivalent to a B.I.D. (twice a day) or T.I.D. (three times a day) dosing regimen. You don't have a lot of time or material available, so you begin manufacturing small lots of products to test under different conditions, hoping something works. What if there was a more efficient strategy?

Simulations Plus DDDPlus.5.0

Welcome to DDDPlus, the industry's leading mechanistic in vitro dissolution software for formulation and analytical scientists. With DDDPlus, you can model and simulate the in vitro dissolution of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and formulation excipients under various experimental conditions in seconds, and begin making informed decisions to help improve your chances for success.

Simulations Plus DDDPlus.5.0

About Simulations Plus.

Founded in 1996, Simulations Plus employs over 60 employees and is publicly-traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange (ticker symbol = SLP).Our headquarters are based in Lancaster, California, with our pharmacometrics consulting team located in Buffalo, New York. Trusted distributors handle sales and scientific support in Asian territories. 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, plus numerous mid- and small-sized companies and all major regulatory agencies, license our modeling & simulation technology.

Product: Simulations Plus DDDPlus
Version: 5.0
Supported Architectures: x86
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