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dDai.Finance is a blockchain innovation hub with a DAO-driven seed stage fund, decentralized incubator, and launchpad, for empowering next innovations of the blockchain ecosystem, through community-driven governance, feedback, involvement and funding mechanisms.

DDai Vaults is a yield optimizer platform focused on providing DeFi users with auto-compounded yields at empirical optimal intervals, whilst pooling gas costs through battletested smart contract code and bestin-class yield optimizing strategies.
DDaifarm uses a proprietary dynamic harvesting optimizer to enable the highest APYs on our vaults.

Any entrepreneur/innovator can submit their projects to dDai.Finance DAO, get voted by the community, and get their seed fund as well as enter our incubation program by winning the votes.
At dDai.Finance, stakers and our community members who involve in the success of the projects that get their seed fund and incubated through community votings, receive reward tokens from all selected & funded projects, creating a DeFi seed fund mechanism to create diversified portfolios of reward tokens through staking dDai. Also our Launchpad provides a robust environment for IDOs to take place, with a tiered based allocation mechanism for wLink holders/stakers and farmers, to enjoy these benefits at the same time
Those who stake and/or yield farm dDai tokens, also become eligible for the IDOs according to the tier system.
Our whitepaper is ready for you to take a look at all the mechanisms and systems of our decentralized incubator & dDai ecosystem

More Information:

Official website:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcmFZI … UtQc0g59ng



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